I first started seeing Louise in January 2017 she helped me greatly to move through the grieving process and a family funeral in the first weeks. Her approach to my anxiety was soothing and reassuring after the grieving process and her wise counselling applied techniques and therapies were re assuring and easy to embrace. With time and patience, she gradually helped me to get off tranquilisers then sleeping tablets with no adverse effects. Just soothing relaxation and breathing therapies, which enabled me to rebuild my life over the following months. The sessions have helped me to move on with my life and feel grateful for what I have and who I am.

I enjoyed a break in my time with Louise, as my life stabilised and now she is helping me with reducing my anxiety medication, with the support of my doctor.  

Without Louise things may have been far different. The inside of a secure unit was not a place for recovery for me, but empathetic counselling and reassuring techniques have made such a difference to my life



I just wanted to get in touch! You may remember that I hated my job, but after seeing you I felt something take over me. So, I quit and decided to go back to University and am now training to be a teacher, and loving every single day! I’ve also lost 2.5 stone and am half a stone away from the 3 stone I wanted to lose when I first started seeing you. So really, it’s just a huge thank you, but I owe you so much more! This year has been so positive and happy for me, and I truly believe that was because I started the year off by meeting you.