Going with the Flow of Change

In the media, we are constantly reminded that we are living in uncertain times, whether it’s political upheaval, climate change or international conflict. It can create a great deal of anxiety and feelings of insecurity for many people. As well as being a catalyst for bringing to the surface, existing anxieties or fears that we may already be experiencing in our everyday lives.

The bias towards the known and away from the unknown, is a protection mechanism to help us feel safe and secure. Familiarity and things staying the same, are how we try and control our environment and create certainty, even when it doesn’t fulfil us. By trying to keep anxiety and stress at a neutral level, we avoid the discomfort of the fear, that accompanies the uncertainty of change. However, the fear that can keep us stuck, is the very thing that can also set us free and expand our lives.

When we allow external circumstances, money or people define our sense of security, we don’t learn how to go within and self soothe, when life change happens. Whether it relates to money, work, relationships or health. This can sometimes feel like our very existence is under threat and immobilise us, preventing us from moving forward. Yet, once you really get that the most constant and enduring source of security is within you, it can transform your life. Just as it has for me, having been through my own big life changes.

As a result of which, I have created my programme Breathe, which will give you the resources and tools to feel soothed, supported and resilient during times of change. As well as a means for utilising change for empowering yourself, in all aspects of your life.

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Have you ever been stuck behind a tractor?……

Have you noticed how this seems to happen when you are in a rush or running late? This happened to me the other day, when I was already up against time, en route to a meeting in Cardiff.  So… I had the choice to either get all impatient and stressy,  or use this time in a way that made me feel better. I wasn’t going anywhere very fast, so I thought I may as well make the most of it.

I relaxed in my car seat, loosened my grip on the steering wheel and tuned into my breathing. As I breathed deeply and slowly into my abdomen, enjoying feeling the flow of the oxygen moving through my body, my muscles let go of tension, my heart rate slowed down and my mind became calm. Isn’t it amazing that the most effective, portable de-stressing system that exists on this entire planet is free, in continuous supply and  available to us 24/7?

Now back to the story… After a little while, the tractor turned off, so it was’ bye bye tractor’  and I was on my way…. but not for long!

As  I accelerated, my car began to lose power. I pulled into a layby just in time, already beginning to inwardly cringe with embarrassment about that call I would have to make to the breakdown service….. I had run out of petrol!

Having made some phone calls and done everything that was within in my control to do, back into ‘the flow of slow’ I chose to return. Enjoying the afternoon sun, whilst I sat and relaxed on a grassy bank, waiting for the breakdown service to arrive. On this day, I had set myself too much to do on too tight a timescale, when already feeling pretty tired. Even though we may not always realise it, we do get what we need, even if we don’t always appreciate it at the time.

As well as giving me some unexpected relaxation time, this experience also gave me food for thought about how we can turn potentially stressful situations into more beneficial ones – even ones that we can end up enjoying!. So I have created my   ‘Behind the Tractor Sessions’  to help you do exactly that!

Come along and experience some easy, enjoyable relaxation techniques and simple self-calming tools. All here to help you feel more in control and flow more smoothly with those everyday challenges and stresses. You will discover how you can allow yourself to slow down and relax more. You will also learn some useful tips and tools, which you can use anytime and anywhere. If you have an irksome bug bear that presses your stress buttons, we can create ways to help that work for you too. Each session will conclude with a lovely soothing, guided group relaxation. Learning to relax and let go around the smaller stuff, makes it so much easier to surf those bigger life challenges. I am so excited about these sessions, I do hope you will join me.

       Louise Price

Introductory Programme Fee (4 sessions) £45

Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre

        12 Cross Street, Abergavenny NP7 5EH

                 6.30pm – 8pm

             Wednesdays, January 17th, 24th, 31st and February 7th, 2018

To book get in touch through my website.  If you would like more information give me a ring on 07790 166943.

You can also book directly with Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre Tel: 01873 858391



Being a Perfectionist is…… Embracing Imperfection

There would have been a time when I would have spent hours and hours writing articles, editorials, reports, pretty much anything really. I have always had a very strong perfectionist streak when it comes to writing and it never felt good enough.  

More recently and with much more ease, my first blog took much, much less time, because I just let go and allowed that creative unconscious part of my mind take over. I relaxed, breathed, closed my eyes for a few seconds and just went with the flow. What came out, may not have been the most grammatically correct, or eloquent piece of writing, but it was perfect in its imperfection. Because it came from an authentic place. It was an expression of me and I enjoyed writing it.

Whew! striving for perfection can be exhausting, can’t it?  especially when we are trying too hard to make everything line up and slot into place. When the creative flow of energy isn’t there, it just feels like shovelling snow uphill or that it’s never going to be good enough. 

It is our own self judgement that things must be, or should look, or behave a certain way. Otherwise we can feel that we are less than good enough or not living up to other’s expectations.  Well the good news is, you can relax and let yourselves off the hook right now. You are so much more than good enough, just by being the unique person that you are.

By accepting and allowing yourself to be who you are, you are also giving others their own permission to do the same, how powerful and perfect is that!

My First Blog

Hello everyone

Well here I am doing my very first blog and feeling very excited about it, I did think about preparing something first but then decided to just let go, breathe and relax and just go with the flow. This is how I like to live my life these days and it is so much easier and enjoyable. When I am in session with clients I let go and go with the flow because it is my invitation for them to do the same. This is the paradox of feeling in control – by choosing to let go, you are taking back your power, rather than giving it away to other people or situations. You get to choose how you would like to use your power more effectively. We may not always be able to control what is going on around us but we can choose how we would like to feel inside.  I have a feeling that I will enjoy going with the flow of blogging!