Going with the Flow of Change

In the media, we are constantly reminded that we are living in uncertain times, whether it’s political upheaval, climate change or international conflict. It can create a great deal of anxiety and feelings of insecurity for many people. As well as being a catalyst for bringing to the surface, existing anxieties or fears that we may already be experiencing in our everyday lives.

The bias towards the known and away from the unknown, is a protection mechanism to help us feel safe and secure. Familiarity and things staying the same, are how we try and control our environment and create certainty, even when it doesn’t fulfil us. By trying to keep anxiety and stress at a neutral level, we avoid the discomfort of the fear, that accompanies the uncertainty of change. However, the fear that can keep us stuck, is the very thing that can also set us free and expand our lives.

When we allow external circumstances, money or people define our sense of security, we don’t learn how to go within and self soothe, when life change happens. Whether it relates to money, work, relationships or health. This can sometimes feel like our very existence is under threat and immobilise us, preventing us from moving forward. Yet, once you really get that the most constant and enduring source of security is within you, it can transform your life. Just as it has for me, having been through my own big life changes.

As a result of which, I have created my programme Breathe, which will give you the resources and tools to feel soothed, supported and resilient during times of change. As well as a means for utilising change for empowering yourself, in all aspects of your life.

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