Being a Perfectionist is…… Embracing Imperfection

There would have been a time when I would have spent hours and hours writing articles, editorials, reports, pretty much anything really. I have always had a very strong perfectionist streak when it comes to writing and it never felt good enough.  

More recently and with much more ease, my first blog took much, much less time, because I just let go and allowed that creative unconscious part of my mind take over. I relaxed, breathed, closed my eyes for a few seconds and just went with the flow. What came out, may not have been the most grammatically correct, or eloquent piece of writing, but it was perfect in its imperfection. Because it came from an authentic place. It was an expression of me and I enjoyed writing it.

Whew! striving for perfection can be exhausting, can’t it?  especially when we are trying too hard to make everything line up and slot into place. When the creative flow of energy isn’t there, it just feels like shovelling snow uphill or that it’s never going to be good enough. 

It is our own self judgement that things must be, or should look, or behave a certain way. Otherwise we can feel that we are less than good enough or not living up to other’s expectations.  Well the good news is, you can relax and let yourselves off the hook right now. You are so much more than good enough, just by being the unique person that you are.

By accepting and allowing yourself to be who you are, you are also giving others their own permission to do the same, how powerful and perfect is that!