Hello!  I’m Louise Price. Welcome to my website.

I have a broad range of skills and experience, which enables me to tailor sessions to effectively meet your individual needs. Whether it is for a specific issue, personal growth, or relaxation for well-being. My sessions aren’t about working on yourself, they are all about allowing things to be as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Firstly, I would like to reassure you that it is ok to be feeling how you are feeling and being where you are at right now. We always need a starting point, then we can focus on how you would like to feel and build upon what is already working for you. This creates the spring board for enabling you to move forward and opens you up to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. This is what builds your confidence and the momentum to get to where you want to be and to help sustain it. This is my approach with hypnotherapy, anxiety and stress management and hypnobirthing.

I hope you will find my website informative. If you have any questions about my services or would like to arrange an initial consultation or appointment, please don’t hesitate in contacting me. If my services are not a match for your needs, I will always endeavour to signpost or refer you to a more appropriate practioner or agency.

As well as one on one sessions, I also run group sessions and workshops, please check my events page for any current or forthcoming events.

“Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. I couldn’t have done it without you! I feel so much better about myself and my life” 


I have been a practising therapist for 7 years and undertook my training with ISIS School of Integrated Hypnotherapy in Brighton, East Sussex. I have a Diploma in Integrative Hypnotherapy – which combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, life coaching and neuro-linguistic programming. I have a Diploma in KG Hypnobirthing and an NFCE Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory.

For 10 years, I practiced as a nurse in both clinical and community settings. Then 17 years working in the patient safety field, developing and managing advice and support services for people affected by medical harm and patient safety incidents. Therefore, I have many years of experience providing emotional support to people, affected by bereavement, trauma and mental health issues. I am also an experienced facilitator, having developed and delivered workshops, training programmes and national mutual support networks. For two years I practiced hypnotherapy at The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre, based at Crawley Hospital in West Sussex. Supporting people undergoing cancer treatments and receiving palliative care. I am fully insured and a member of the Hypnotherapy Association.

  • Licentiate Member of The Hypnotherapy Association
  • Member Practioner of The Reiki Guild
  • Diploma in Integrative Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in KG Hypnobirthing
  • Certified NLP Practioner Coach
  • NFCE levels 1,2 and 3 in Counselling Skills and Theory
  • BA (Hons) Health and Community Studies.


Throughout our lives, we are faced with many challenges and experiences. As a result, we adopt certain behaviours and develop habitual thought patterns to help us to cope. We may often feel that these are the only choices available to us.

It is important to understand that at the core of these choices are always positive intentions to help ourselves feel better, even if a particular behaviour or thought pattern is not so beneficial to our wellbeing.

“You’ve taught me so much over the last few weeks and helped me to deal with and overcome my anxieties and I can’t thank you enough”


Hypnotherapy helps you to widen your choices, enabling you to reconnect with your inner resources, which may have been a little too far out of reach before.  Feelings of calmness and ease increase more and more, as your anxiety and stress levels reduce to healthier and more balanced levels. You feel and become more self-empowered, as your self-confidence is reclaimed and more energised, as healthier habits are established.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and we all experience this often, for example: when we are daydreaming or meditating, or when we are deeply absorbed in an enjoyable activity. This may sometimes be referred to as being in the zone or in trance, which is simply a state of focused relaxation.

Hypnotherapy utilises hypnosis to bring about transformational life changes. This is facilitated by using positive suggestion combined with breathing and relaxation techniques. By relaxing the conscious part of our mind, the unconscious part of the mind is enabled to become more open and receptive to positive changes in our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  It is a very calming and pleasant experience and you feel in control throughout. Hypnotherapy can help with many issues, including:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Addictions and habits
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Depression
  • Chronic and acute pain conditions
  • Insomnia
  • Self-esteem and confidence issues

Sessions last for 1 hour, I am not prescriptive about how many sessions you will need. You are the expert of you and you will know when you feel ready.

To book an appointment or to just find out more please call Louise Price on 07790 166943 or contact me here.

“You will be pleased to know that nearly a year on, I am still a non smoker and am very proud of myself” 


Anxiety & Stress Release

Anxiety is sometimes considered to be something that we have to learn to live with, or manage. Many of us buy into that story and believe it to be true. In fact, anxiety plays an important role in our personal development and growth. It is a valuable messenger, communicating to us, that it’s time to let go of old emotional coping mechanisms – ones that do not serve us in a helpful or healthy way.  It can present itself in the following ways:

  • Intense or underlying feelings of dread or fear
  • Chest pain tightness
  • Fight or flight or freeze response
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath,
  • Dizziness/feeling spaced out
  • Panic attacks
  • Catastrophic or repetitive negative thinking,
  • Ritualistic behaviours
  • Avoidance of certain situations
  • Loss of confidence

Anxiety may be caused by a specific stressful incident or from being under continuous stress. It may linger, or manifest itself after a stressful period in your life has passed. It is that unconscious part of your mind, still trying to protect you from harm or danger, whether or not that threat was real or perceived. Like all feelings or emotions, anxiety is not fixed, it is meant to move and it will, when we give it the space to do so. We can do this by learning how to relax and feel more present in our bodies, which helps us to become aware of and release pent up tension. We can let go of the scary stories that we have created in our minds and repeatedly tell ourselves (which can hold feelings of anxiety in place. Instead we can replace them with more empowering stories, ones that feel better. The more relaxed you allow yourself to become, the more in control you will feel. Then the easier it becomes to feel more centred and calm during stressful situations and allow space for the anxiety to release.

For anxiety and stress release, I use a combined approach of relaxation and breathing techniques, counselling, hypnosis and self-awareness coaching.  Simply by making the choice to feel better, you are already moving forward.

To book an appointment or to just find out more please call Louise Price on 07790 166943 or contact me here.


Having a baby is an exciting and positive life changing experience, but it can also create mixed emotions.  A woman’s body is naturally designed to give birth, but sometimes fear and anxiety about labour and giving birth can get in the way of this.  Anxiety or fear being experienced by the mother can trigger the stress response, causing constriction of arteries supplying the uterus, resulting in tension and pain and prolonging labour. Heightened levels of the stress hormone adrenaline can suppress the hormones needed for birth, slowing down the body and even halting the birthing process.

‘ I can’t thank you enough, it made the birthing experience so much better than I imagined’


Hypnobirthing allows your body to work at its own pace and facilitates a more comfortable labour and easier birthing, utilising deep breathing, and relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis and visualization. These practises prepare you for a more relaxed and natural birthing experience. They enable your body and mind to work together, helping you to release any fears or anxieties that you may have. Using self-hypnosis techniques to induce deep relaxation helps to reduce pain during labour. When you are in a calm and relaxed state, endorphins are released, which are the body’s natural pain killers.

Learning to relax and listen to your body, gives you the confidence to trust your intuition and natural ability to birth your baby. Making it easier for you to feel more in control and work with the flow of your body, throughout labour and childbirth.

Whilst you may not be guaranteed the perfect birthing experience, hypnobirthing will help facilitate the most comfortable and relaxed birthing experience that you can possibly have. 

  • Reduces labour and birthing time
  • Mums feel more relaxed and energised after giving birth
  • Can reduce post natal recovery time
  • Babies are reported to be calmer, more content, feed better and sleep better.
  • Dads are more actively involved with the birth
  • Lower incidences of surgical interventions
  • Less risk of birth related pelvic floor injuries
  • Techniques learned can be useful for future situations
To book an appointment or to just find out more please call Louise Price on 07790 166943 or contact me here.