Are you feeling overwhelmed or stuck, longing for some relief or change?


Been through a stressful period in your life and continue to experience anxiety?
Struggling with the aftermath of a significant or traumatic life change or loss?
Are the pressures and challenges of everyday life and relationships taking their toll


 Hello I’m Louise Price and I can help you

  • Relax and experience more ease in your body
  • Feel more at peace with your emotions
  • Have a calmer mind and feel more in control of your thoughts
  • Feel happier and more positive
  • Sleep better
  • Gain more clarity and confidence about moving forward
  • Cope more effectively with everyday challenges

I support you in feeling safe, secure and at ease within yourself. So that you can change your life for the better. I do this by guiding you in soothing and effective relaxation methods.  Then with gentle counselling skills and hypnotherapy, I help you change old negative stories into new positive ones.


“I just wanted to get in touch! You may remember that I hated my job, but after seeing you I felt something take over me. So, I quit and decided to go back to University and am now training to be a teacher, and loving every single day! I’ve also lost 2.5 stone and am half a stone away from the 3 stone I wanted to lose when I first started seeing you. So really, it’s just a huge thank you, but I owe you so much more! This year has been so positive and happy for me, and I truly believe that was because I started the year off by meeting you.”


Throughout life, we are faced with many challenges and experiences. As a result, we can unconsciously create habitual behaviours and thought patterns to help us to cope. It’s that protective part of our mind, trying to look after us, even though it may not always be beneficial. Particularly, when it makes us feel stuck or restricted in certain aspects of our lives. This is where hypnotherapy can help.

Enables you to relax more deeply and feel calm
Helps you feel more in control of your emotional and physical responses
Helps change negative thought patterns to more positive and beneficial ones
Opens your mind to new possibilities
Enhances physical healing and well being

“You’ve taught me so much over the last few weeks and helped me to deal with and overcome my anxieties and I can’t thank you enough”

Hypnotherapy involves using hypnosis to help bring about transformational life changes. This is done by using breathing and relaxation techniques to help you relax the conscious part of your mind.  This enables the unconscious part to be receptive to positive suggestions.  It is a very calming and pleasant experience and you feel in control throughout.

The feeling of focused relaxation that you experience, whilst undergoing hypnotherapy, will feel familiar. It is very similar to daydreaming or meditation. Or when you are really in the zone, focused an activity that you really enjoy doing.

Hypnotherapy is very effective for many issues, I specialise in the following areas.

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Depression
  • Health related anxiety and trauma
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-esteem and confidence
To book an appointment or to just find out more please call Louise Price on 07790 166943 or contact me here.

“You will be pleased to know that nearly a year on, I am still a non smoker and am very proud of myself” 

Anxiety and Stress

 ‘ The moment you make the choice to feel better – you have already taken your first step’ 

We all experience both physical and emotional response to anxiety during our lifetime. In the appropriate context, it can play an important role as a protective mechanism. Alerting us to potential danger, in order to keep us safe.

 Anxiety may be caused by a specific situation or stressor, or from being under continuous stress. It may linger, or manifest after a challenging period in your life. When you don’t feel in control of it, anxiety can limit how you live and eventually shrink your world.

How anxiety affects you…..

  • Underlying feelings of dread and fear
  • Heart palpitations
  • Panic attacks
  • Fight or flight symptoms
  • Loss of confidence
  • Repetitive negative thoughts
  • Avoidance of certain situations
  • Disturbed sleep or insomnia


How I can help you…..

Relaxation and breathing techniques – to enable you to be more at ease and at home in your body. Helping you to feel safe and secure within yourself, especially when experiencing anxiety or stress related physical tension or sensations.

Hypnosis – Using positive suggestion, changing the story or narrative about your relationship with anxiety, from disempowering to self- empowering

Positive mindset and self-talk practices – Ongoing self-help tools, to keep your mind focused on how you want to feel. Keeping it occupied in a more constructive and helpful way.

“With time and patience, Louise gradually helped me to get off tranquilisers, then sleeping tablets with no adverse effects. Just soothing relaxation and breathing therapies, which enabled me to rebuild my life over the following months “




‘When you want someone to show up for you…. first you need to show up for yourself’  

The most important relationship in your life, is the relationship that you have with yourself.  Yet we may become too reliant on other people for our happiness and inner security. Then end up feeling disappointed or rejected, if or when they don’t live up to our expectations.

Sometimes we allow our identity to be defined by our different roles in life, or by our careers. To the extent in some cases, that if we were to strip it all back, we wouldn’t know how to be who we really are.

In close relationships, sometimes our insecurities can be fuelled by how our loved ones are feeling. ‘If they are not ok, then I’m not ok’ or ‘It must be something I have done’ But in truth, just as you are responsible for your happiness, others are responsible for theirs too.

It’s a big ask to expect someone else to shoulder the responsibility for your happiness, especially if they are struggling with their own. The same is true for you, if you are someone who tries to do that

I can assure you, that you have everything you need within you for creating a fulfilling relationship with yourself. Once you really get this, it’s a real life changer and you will see it reflected in your relationships and everyday interactions.

  • You feel more confident and secure within yourself
  • Your self-esteem improves
  • You have more compassion for yourself and others
  • Existing relationships get better and more fulfilling
  • You attract more positive people and experiences into your life
  • You become more discerning about who you build relationships with
  • You still feel positive, even when people around you don’t …..which can lift them too
  • You feel empowered to let go of relationships that no longer serve you.
  • You begin to realise how self-care is a necessity and not a luxury
You make time for yourself to do things that make you feel good
You come back home to you!


With my gentle and effective approaches, I can help you get there…. When you feel better on the inside, everything and everyone around you starts to feel different, in a really good way. This opens new perspectives and possibilities for living the life you really want.

‘Everything in your reality is a result of the relationship you are having with yourself ‘             Roxana Jones (Source HealThruWords.com)


Bereavement and Loss

‘Allowing and accepting all feelings and emotions without self-judgement, enables your acceptance of loss’

When a loved one passes, we can experience a rollercoaster of emotions There is no one way to experience a bereavement, or a set time scale. How we move through our grief, will be unique for each one of us. It will also be influenced by how we have dealt with previous losses and significant changes in our lives

There are no emotions that are off limits or wrong. Whatever you are feeling, you are meant to be feeling. But we are human and may sometimes suppress or resist painful or uncomfortable emotions as they arise.

All feelings are meant to move when they are ready to.  But if held back, our bodies will try and grab our attention by sending us messages, sometimes in the form of physical disease or seemingly out of the blue panic attacks.

My approach is to support you in making it right, whatever it is that you are feeling. If you are feeling a certain emotion, you are meant to be.

‘Louise helped me greatly, to move through the grieving process. Her approach to my anxiety was soothing and reassuring and her wise counselling applied techniques and therapies were easy to embrace. The sessions have made such a difference and helped me to move on with my life and feel grateful for what I have and who I am’


Using a combination of counselling skills, breathing and relaxation techniques and hypnosis, I help you to become more present within yourself. Which enables you to release anxiety and bring you to a place of acceptance of your feelings. Then we co -create a narrative that enables you to feel more at peace and self-supported.

From my experience of supporting many clients through a bereavement, I have witnessed how loss and grief can also be powerful catalysts for making positive life changes.